1. Woke up unreasonably protective
  2. Watched 30 Rock
  3. Practiced curling my hair
  4. Fixed my hair post-curl
  5. Made my own bloody
  6. Asked bartender to make 2nd Bloody Mary for me
  7. Fixed 2nd bloody mary
  8. Kissed a babe
  9. Took nap
  10. Ate ramen
  11. Asked where our beers are
  12. Observed weird people
  13. Introduced a friend to a dispensary
  14. Made intense eye contact with a doppelgänger of an ex
  15. Insisted on changing a TV to ESPN
  16. Got unreasonably upset when the bartender changed the song from Lauryn Hill, then changed from Dr. Dre.
  17. Drank a triple vodka
  18. TBD