1. I was immediately filled with joy
  2. I wanted to hear it again even though it had not ended
  3. I became sad realizing that it would indeed end
  4. Did Adele and I live parallel lives at some point
  5. " I'm in California dreaming of who we use to be" AND I'm in Calofornia
  6. That town where nothing ever happens is the TOWN I grew up in
  7. Ok maybe parallel lives is crazy but she somehow knows me
  8. Or knows someone I know and has heard stories
  9. Can I figure out who we have in common?
  10. God knows I've tried too
  11. Please don't end. I'll do anything
  12. Anger and rage when it finally ends
  13. Why couldn't she have written another verse or twenty
  14. Hello is on again. God is real. Thank you for Sirius' favorite artist alerts
  15. Joy again. Pure joy.