1. Preschool - Teacher
    because every girl in my class wants to be one..
  2. Grade 1 to 5 - Painter
    I enjoyed my art summer class and mostly focused on drawing a lot of things.
  3. Grade 6 - Nurse
    One of my favorite aunt was taking this course and it was highly in demand during that time.
  4. Grade 8 to 11 - Biologist or any random Science related course
    I always get high grades in this field that I've wanted to take Science as a major in college.
  5. College - took 3 courses and ended up being a Psychology Major
    I've started as a Fine Arts student because I've realized I still have that "artsy-fartsy" personality and I love doing things that is related to it only to find out that I have to stop for some reasons. Then I've changed again into Education hoping to find if my childhood dream is still there. And I realized it wasn't anymore. I don't know what to choose on the last one but I've kind of had a love at first sight with Psychology and I've learn a lot especially in my on the job training.
  6. Though I love my choice, some part of me still wanders on what I want to become. There are days that I want to become this and that. I contradict myself a lot but for me it's the way I learn.