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That sacred festival that has been celebrated by Arsenal fans for 20 years and counting now.
  1. 2016
    From title contenders to a 5-1 hammering by 10 man, relegated Newcastle in just two weeks. North London will never stop laughing.
  2. 2006
    Ten years before, some dodgy lasagne put paid to the spuds frankly ridiculous claim to 4th spot, despite Teddy Sheringham's best (worst) efforts for West Ham. Arsenal said goodbye to Highbury in epic fashion.
  3. 2012
    'Mind The Gap' read three Spurs fans shirts on NL derby day. Harry Redknapp's audition for the England job ended in calamity as the gap evaporated before their eyes.
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  1. A Pagan Place - The Waterboys
  2. Astral Weeks - Van Morrison
  3. Hats - The Blue Nile
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