1. Cleared out all "The Wahlburgers" and "Donny Loves Jenny" episodes on my DVR.
    The Wahlburgs! (Alma voice(inside joke))
  2. Ended up watching the last half of the first Sex and the City Movie on Bravo and realized, "hey! I do like this movie".
    Whatever happened to the actor who played Smith?
  3. Then watched the first half of the Sex and the City Movie during Bravo's double showing.
    I think we need a new fashion-y show with both S&C and Gossip Girl over.
  4. And i really missed Charlotte
  5. And I almost forgot, I also bought 3 books on my kindle.
    Spinster status solidified 💁🏾
  6. Watch out Sunday, I may just brunch the heck out of you 😏