FYI: This was a work trip.
  1. My Trailways bus driver used the phrases "pill popping" and "peek a look" in his spiel about bad bus behavior.
  2. The hotel restaurant played a heady mix of John Mayer's first album, Howie Day, Matt Nathanson and the Counting Crows. I had to hold back all the tears as my brain was bombarded with angsty high school flashbacks.
  3. Barely had phone service or good wifi, which I don't normally care about except that it impeded my marathon game play of Marvel Puzzle Quest.
  4. Realized for the umpteenth time that I need to get my license after being dropped off at a bottom of a massive hill to walk up to my hotel because I didn't have an extra dollar to pay for the local bus driver to go off route.
  5. Need to carry cash like an adult, so I don't have to scramble through my change purse for pennies to make twenty cents to pay for my local bus trip.
  6. Local bus driver always carries disinfectant spray with him in case someone leaves their feces behind on the seat like they did earlier in the morning.
  7. Small town bus drivers are friendlier than big city bus drivers and know many of their riders by name as well as their life stories.
  8. 28 is too old to visit a college campus, especially when you have a baby face and college kids ask you if you have any "papers".