What to do with 'em packed in oil.
  1. Mince with garlic and sauté in oil until they sort of melt. Then add hearty green —chard, kale, collards. Never tried this with mustard greens. Credit to "Two Fat Ladies." They use this technique for anything they don't really want to eat (I think).
    Are mustard greens the same plant as mustard seeds? Not sure.
  2. Blitz with olive oil, mustard, garlic, salt, pepper, worcestershire, & lemon juice. Now it's Caesar dressing. Don't even chop the romain hearts — serve whole leaves. It just looks less cheap when whole, no? Yes.
    Dry the lettuce after washing, people, all the way.
  3. Roll carefully and stuff into pitted olives. Nana likes them done this way. She keeps asking even though no restaurant has ever had them. Try it for her at your next party.
  4. Get more ideas so you can finish that jar before you move back east.