Help! No one is responding to my group text.

I haven't spoke to either of these two in years. What possessed me to reach out now?! Possible follow up texts.
  1. -Marty
    Maybe they lost my number?
  2. Hello?
    Too passive aggressive
  3. I putting myself out on a limb here.
    Acknowledge the power imbalance
  4. Haha I'm so bad at texting! Sooo awkward, no? I wouldn't have responded either!
    Show them I can laugh at myself
  5. Sorry, John sent you a message from my phone. Pls ignore.
    Blame the partner
  6. 🙈💄🐚
    Initiate emoji battle
  7. ...realizing it's been so long that you may have no idea who is texting you. It's me, Marty!
    Casual and self-confident
  8. Ok, I'll just go back to following you on instagram.
    Admit defeat