There is a man in Argentina with my name (Martín Schapiro) who uses an extremely similar gmail address for his work at a resort hotel. I get his email all of the time, and I want to nip this in the bud.
  1. If my email is
  2. His email is
  3. Try emailing Martín directly about the problem. Suggest he remove the period from his address when he gives it to new people.
    I've emailed twice and he ignored me twice
  4. Have a friend translate a canned response explaining I'm not the guy and send it every time I get a misdirected email.
    I've been doing this for a while, it starting to feel like I'm abetting the problem.
  5. Two truths and a lie approach: have a friend translate a slightly misleading response in an attempt to force Martín's hand.
    This message was sent to me by mistake. For the one-legged Martín of Buenos Aires, try this address...
  6. Try to figure out the email address the resort might have given him. Suggest this address in a canned response.
    Passive aggressive way of saying use your work address.
  7. I think the resort hotel is called Pipa Privilege.
    There were several yoga retreat emails that also mentioned swimming with dolphins. The resort may be in Brazil. I'm really confused about the facts, because he also signed me up for a Buenos Aires real-estate newsletter. He definitely tried to buy a place there. Maybe he commutes between?
  8. Reach out to the honorable Judge Hodgman to adjudicate this case.
    1. Martín hasn't shown that he has any sense of humor. 2. It might be weird to invite him on a podcast. 3. This case does fall firmly in the jurisdiction of an internet judge.
  9. Start using his email address for random mailing list sign-ups.
    Kinda a dick move. Probably won't get me closer to solving my problem.
  10. Plan a vacation to his resort and confront him face to face.
    Most expensive option
  11. Suggestions welcome