1. Honey, we are gonna have to check that bag if I can't close the overhead bin. Try flipping around for me. Yes. Wheels out. Yes.
  2. Is that in airplane mode, sir? Don't make me put you out on the wing.
  3. Fasten your seatbelt or it's no complimentary soft drinks for row 34. Haha!
  4. Be good, and I'll slip you THREE extra packs of Biscoff cookies. (s.v.) That's six cookies.
  5. Hey man, I'm gonna have ask that you step aside for one minute while we board platinum starlight and executive starlight members.
  6. I need a verbal confirmation ma'am. Speak the words.
  7. Precious, when you gonna put that tray down so I can place this drink for you?
  8. Ladies and gentlemen the seatbelt sign is illuminated. That means the nice lady in the cute little baby blue sweatsuit, she needs to find her way back to her seat and buckle up.
  9. This Denver based flight crew hopes to see you again soon on a future United Express flight operated by Republic Airlines. Please check that you have all of your belongings and get out.