Dating Sites I Have Tried, Highs and Lows

Single white female, reporting for business.
  1. Tinder
    It's pretty much as bad as married people over 30 think it is. High: being requested for a threesome. Low: being requested for a threesome.
  2. Coffee meets bagel
    The name sounds dirty, but the concept is novel. One match per day. High: being matched with a statistically improbably number of engineers. Low: being matched with multiple people in Alabama (wtf).
  3. JSwipe
    Where my Jews at? Right here. I found them. High: finding someone who hates DMB as much as I do. Low: so many men claiming that my mother will love them- lets get our priorities right!
  4. Bumble
    Looking for some bros who are now bankers? Try bumble. High: N/A. Low: I matched with 0 people.
  5. Okcupid
    It almost feels old school now, but it's still relevant. High: first date with a man who showed me multiple cute puppy pics. Low: so many questions to answer about my personality; ultimately exhausting.