I listen to Tara Brach on the regular, and her words constantly amaze me.
  1. Your thoughts are real but not (necessarily) true; you don't have to believe your thoughts.
    Validation and freedom all in one.
  2. A good way to talk to yourself is by saying "I'm sorry, I love you, thank you."
    Just watch yourself melt under that kind of care and compassion.
  3. You can't always control your reaction, but you can control your reaction to your reaction.
    This sounds complicated, but it's not. TB talks about this as "the second arrow." If something happens that makes you feel angry, for example, don't make it worse by judging your anger. Accept it. Let it be. Forgive it.
  4. Have tea with your insecurities and challenging emotions/ reactions.
    Try to sit with your discomforts and see them, investigate, and be kind.
  5. You will never achieve enough to make your ego content or happy.
    So your contentment and happiness must come from another place.
  6. You are an ocean that has room for the waves. When you trust that you are the entire ocean, you can more easily ride the waves.
    Notice your thoughts and feelings, but know they are temporary (waves). YOU are the whole ocean.
  7. There is no way to forgive unless you go under the story of blame to where you are hurting.
  8. Thinking you are bad and unworthy is a trance that inhibits connection.
    Turning against yourself precedes all disconnection. Meet each attack with compassion.
  9. All suffering is caused by separation.
  10. One of the most important questions to ask yourself is, what am I unwilling to feel?
    Feel it to heal it.