I'm 27 and have lived in 10 different cities (2 continents, 4 countries) in the last 10 years. Filling out background check forms is my literal nightmare. Recalling addresses and zip codes is my #1 underrated talent. This list is in chronological order because I can't pick favorites.
  1. San Diego,CA
    Born and raised here, so it has a special place in my heart. High point: weather, ocean, abundance of pretty views, proximity to family. Low point: so-cal superficiality is alive and well, lack of fall/spring (lack of winter is a pro), proximity to family, cost of living
  2. Beloit, WI
    College town! I love this place with all my heart, even if I spent many a weekend "bored" (I don't know what I was thinking!). High point: farmers market, adorable college, small town charm. Low point: snow, small town charm less charming 4 years later.
  3. Durban, South Africa
    This is kind of cheating since I studied abroad here for only 6 months. Enough time to fall in love, not enough time to be driven mad by flaws. High point: beach, perfect weather, chiseled surfers, South African accents, fascinating intersections of culture. Low point: my cell phone got stolen and I got TB on a taxi.
  4. Chicago, IL
    Just for a summer, but summers in Chicago are perfect. I lived in my grandparent's house right after they died and I was unemployed. High point: Chicago in the summer is perfect. Low point: suburbia.
  5. New Orleans, LA
    Lived here while attending grad school and gained approx 10lbs. High point: the amazing food, laid back life style, Mardi Gras the first year. Low point: Mardi Gras the second year, my 400th piece of king cake during carnival season, hot ass summers.
  6. Kampala, Uganda
    A very underrated city in east Africa! High point: bougie expat living for cheap, someone else doing my laundry. Low point: yelling at a taxi conductor in Luganda that he was "going to hell for lying."
  7. San Francisco, CA
    My most favorite city in the US (so far)! High point: urban hiking to the most amazing views, brunch. Low point: MUNI, any time spent in the tender loin.
  8. Mwanza, Tanzania
    Billed as the second largest city in Tanzania, but truly a small town in every sense. High point: hiking dancing rocks (have I mentioned I like a good view?), proximity to Serengeti (all the animals!) low point: lack of any half decent restaurant or things to do other than get drunk.
  9. Atlanta, GA
    Back to the south, and the bougie south for sure. High point: abundance of really good yoga studios? Low point: shitty transportation, sharing a name with said shitty transportation, not being able to buy booz before noon on Sunday, being in the south, traffic, being landlocked, proximity to a scary little place called stone mountain.