1. How do you feel about tattoos on the chest?
    Yay? Nay? What if they are bear claws?
  2. How do you feel about nipples on men?
    If you could take them or leave them, Kocoum might be just the one for you!
  3. How do you feel about domesticating raccoons?
    Or might you prefer small yapping dogs?
  4. Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
    Do you see colors in the wind? Might I suggest fewer hallucinogens.
  5. How tall does the sycamore grow?
    If you cut it down, then you'll never know.
  6. Do you think you own whatever land you land on?
    Is the earth just some dead thing you can claim? If you answered yes, you should marry the colonizer.
  7. Is your father's approval important to you?
    Then don't break his heart! Marry Kocoum!
  8. Does dream giver still wait for you? Or are you high on PCP?
    If you're done waiting for "dream giver" kocoum is your dude.
  9. Would you like to live out your days in Virginia?
    Or perhaps you prefer something more exotic, like London?
  10. Is all your dreaming at an end?
    Probably. Yes. We are all marrying Kocoum.