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  1. I can't believe I missed the Schuyler Sisters singing because we couldn't find the damn channel.
  2. Do you think they're all self-conscious of their butts?
  3. Where is Beyoncé?
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  1. It's almost 3 in the morning.
  2. I'm craving the Veggie pizza that I used to get in my high school cafeteria even though my mom packed my lunch every day.
  3. And I'm all of a sudden so thankful for our hour-long daily phone calls.
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  1. I've been doing security at a concert venue for four years.
  2. I've worked country shows galore, too many rap shows, and been in the middle of multiple scuffles at electronic shows.
  3. Tonight, finally, at a private company party, a drunk patron was so mad at me that she punched me in the face.
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It's my 23rd birthday 🎉 and I'm feeling real lucky and loved.
  1. I was at work, it was an indie British band and the audience consisted of 85% young girls.
  2. My friend and I decided to form a power couple and roam the music hall together.
    Because, you know, girl power.
  3. We noticed from the balcony that a couple of people were barreling through the crowd from the back, literally shoving teenage girls to try to get closer to the stage.
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I won't disclose too many details but honestly, it's the best.
  1. When we deal with truly terrible nights, our friends at the rest of the places on our street will stay open way past closing time for us and us only.
    It's truly such an amazing "Cheers" moment when you walk in at 1:30am on a Sunday to all of your best friends and a drink ready for you.
  2. We look out for each other.
    When I'm kicking someone out and I see them approach next door, I will ALWAYS give them a heads up. And they will do the same.
  3. Even when I've only talked to another street employee once, we've got a bond.
    If I see you heading to work or we meet in the alley, we WILL talk about all the shitty kids we have to deal with and I probably will never know your name. That's fine. You don't know mine either.
  4. We trust each other.
    I'm never afraid to walk down the street alone because if ANYONE fucks with me, I can just look at whoever is at the front door of the nearest bar and know that someone's got my back.
  1. I stopped at the 24 hour McDonald Drive Thru.
  2. I felt sick after two bites of my #5 (Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich).
  3. I finished 85% of said sandwich.
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I saw the person I wrote it about today, and while my feelings have changed, or at least fizzled (for the most part), it's interesting to read this, almost a year later.
  1. There are so many signs, but I’m so tired of trying to decipher them. I’m finally ready for you to be bold, so I can be bold right back. And maybe one day I’ll be ready to make that first move, but not yet.
  2. You are nothing like the person I ever imagined for myself. In fact, in a lot of ways, you're the complete opposite. But, as I should've expected, you surprise me every day.
  3. There's faces you make at me that make me feel 15 again and remind me of my first real crush. Your faces are better. Cuter. Uglier. Sillier.
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  1. I mean, let's start with Catch and Release.
    This is the film in which I first discovered him.
  2. I'll be honest, other than that movie, I haven't seen TOO many other things he's been in.
  3. But I HAVE spent the last three hours watching every interview he's ever done and he's wonderful.
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I don't have a picture yet, but there's a 98% chance we'll have a kitten by the end of next week and my roommates and I have been throwing names around for like two hours and not getting anywhere. We're thinking a long, boring, typical human name, or something really fucking cool and epic. Help?
  1. Cornelius
    My personal pick, but doesn't have any other votes :(
  2. Dragon
    I'm into this.
  3. Christopher
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