I love them.
  1. In my opinion, if there's an egg involved and I eat it before noon, it counts as a Breakfast Sandwich.
  2. I prefer my egg over medium, so that when I bite, yolk goes everywhere and adds a certain delicious aesthetic, like so.
  3. I find that even though American Cheese may hardly be cheese, it tastes best paired with egg. I also like to use Muenster and sometimes Parmesan.
  4. I don't always add another protein, but sometimes I'll add some smoked turkey or ham.
  5. When I'm feeling extra lazy, I won't add anything.
  6. The toast on that one ended up being amazing.
  7. 9 times out of 10 I add tomatoes, avocado, and onions. Or scallions, depending on what I have available.
  8. I really could talk forever about Breakfast Sandwiches.
  9. Here's one that I made with the idea of Grilled Cheese in mind.
  10. And this one was probably my all time favorite. I fried the egg and sautéed the onions on butter instead of Olive Oil which added just another layer of flavor.
  11. AND I put it on a toasted Asiago Bagel.
  12. Who wants to open a Breakfast Sandwich shop?