1. I've been doing security at a concert venue for four years.
  2. I've worked country shows galore, too many rap shows, and been in the middle of multiple scuffles at electronic shows.
  3. Tonight, finally, at a private company party, a drunk patron was so mad at me that she punched me in the face.
  4. I HAVE been an asshole to customers before; I will admit that.
  5. This was not one of those times. Companies pay a ridiculous amount of money to host their parties at our venue so I always make sure to treat those people with more respect than I usually even have to give.
  6. She called me a bitch. And a cunt. And I still offered her a water and tried to help her call her friend.
  7. Honestly, could you ever see yourself punching a stranger when completely unprovoked?
  8. My faith in humanity just continues to dwindle.