Good Things

I woke up today remembering what happened 15 years ago and hoped that I could enjoy every moment instead of feeling completely miserable and nostalgic like in years past. I was fairly successful.
  1. I spent most of the day in the sun with my best friend, discussing what type of dogs we want.
    She's a newlywed, and this is a very real conversation for her. Even though it's pretty much entirely hypothetical for me, I enjoyed every minute of it.
  2. We shopped without spending any money.
    Usually when you let us loose in Urban Outfitters, things go pretty poorly for our bank accounts. We're both broke, so this was a great accomplishment.
  3. We got ice cream.
    I have been craving Vanilla Soft Serve with Rainbow Sprinkles for MONTHS. Tonight it was finally satisfied.
  4. We sat in the grass by the water, listening to live music and feeling completely calm.
    A man was playing wonderful mellow songs on his electric guitar and everyone listening was quiet and respectful. We took silly snapchats. We sat in silence. We enjoyed the sun, the outdoors, and each other's company.
  5. We ran into a friend from work!
    I looked up and BAM! Jared was walking by. I called his name and he came over and hung out with us for about an hour and even had his girlfriend come join us. It was a fun surprise.
  6. We listened to Jason Mraz on our drive back to her house.
    Ultimate "good day" music. Need I say more?
  7. I came home to my two favorite boys.
    My roommates are the best. Just take my word for it.
  8. I made Frozen Margaritas for us, and we're watching the football game.
    They usually stick to smoking the pot, so the fact that I got them to drink with me is amazing. They also resorted to whisper-yelling about the game when my mom called me and we babbled in Polish for ten minutes. THEY ARE THE CUTEST.
  9. We're watching a scary movie now.
    I opted out of going out with other friends for this and I'm so ridiculously happy that I did. The boys are freaking out over everything and it's taking all of my strength to not laugh at them.
  10. Enjoy the little things.
    Enjoy now.