Why is it never a boy I'm genuinely interested in?
  1. There's a guy. He's a friend of mine. A past coworker.
  2. Apparently, he has had a crush on me for years.
  3. He barely ever flirted with me, much less told me how he felt.
  4. He's been hanging out with us more often.
  5. Two weeks ago, our friends were not-so-subtly pushing us together.
  6. I ignored their efforts, talked to him like normal, like myself.
  7. He was pretty shy. It was fine. But like, no fireworks.
  8. I know that he wants to ask me out.
  9. And while I could probably say yes, just to give it a try, I'm like 98% sure there's nothing there.
  10. I hate being rejected as much as I hate rejecting someone.
  11. But I can't tell if going out with him and giving him hope when I know it won't go past that one date would hurt him more and be unfair.
  12. Basically I don't know how to girl.
  13. I'm not even looking for advice, really. Just needed to get the thoughts out because they are exhausting.