Spoilers? Kinda?
  1. The tour is called "Emotional Roadshow." If I had an "aesthetic," that's what it would be called.
  2. The fact that there's only two of them and they manage to keep thousands of people thoroughly entertained for two hours is AMAZING.
  3. The lights. MY GOD THE LIGHTS.
  4. They were all over the place! A Stage, B Stage, up in section 113, on top of a piano, on top of the crowd, on top of a goddamn platform 30 feet in the air... Oh man it was wonderful.
  5. I feel like I work enough shows and have attended enough shows to be able to tell when an artist is being sincere in their words and MAN I believed everything that came out of Tyler's mouth wholeheartedly.
  6. They sounded phenomenal. Like beyond belief just as good as they do recorded, if not better most of the time.
  7. They brought out their opening acts and just did basically a medley of covers with them and all had a fucking blast. It was amazing. It may have jump started my dream to go on tour yet again.
  8. The amount of times they let the crowd fill in and sing the words. This has always been a weak spot for me. It's the sole feeling that made me want to join this industry. I felt those chills more times tonight than I have in the last three years. During loud moments, soft moments, and even some unsure moments, the crowd taking over is my favorite.
  9. I felt a lot of things tonight. Things I was not anticipating on feeling. I needed to feel those things. I'm very thankful to Twenty One Pilots for making those emotions rise up in me.