1. I haven't slept in 48 hours.
  2. I just got home from being at work for 24 hours with approximately a 3 hour break.
    I don't feel the least bit appreciated for it.
  3. I, while overtired and slightly tipsy, accidentally sent a text meant for another person.
    It's happened before, but never this bad.
  4. If I had slept at all in the last two days, I would be on my way to my parents' house right now.
  5. At my parent's house I could see my fucking dog.
    I miss my dog so much I haven't stopped crying about it in the last two hours.
  6. If I was going to my parent's house, I would be seeing my cousin and his new wife on their honeymoon.
    I just saw them at their wedding almost two months ago but when I only get to see my family once every two years, every fucking minute counts.
  7. I really wanted to visit my brother at school.
  8. I'm afraid this job is going to break me
    But I love it and it's in the industry I'm pursuing so I'm terrified to let it go.
    I just need a hug so badly.
  10. I miss my dog.
    I know this is the second time I'm bringing my dog up, but I haven't cried this hard in a while and I know part of it may be exhaustion but it only really happens when I think of my dog.
  11. I haven't eaten a real meal in at least two days.
    My stomach and body hate me.
  12. MY DOG.