Not bothering to add context, because if you haven't seen this movie, we probably won't get along very well.
  1. "Go get your chocolate milk."
  2. "Stay excellent!"
  3. "No dating!"
  4. "What does that matter? I'm adopted!" "WHAT?! Oh my god! Who told you?!"
  5. "Looks like somebody's on a downward spiral." "Looks like somebody's getting used to the mundane activities she'll be saddled with for the rest of her life."
  6. "See you at the salt mines."
  7. "Don't forget tomorrow's Earth Day."
  8. "Roman is having an ok day and bought a Coke Zero at the gas station, raise the roof? Who gives a rat's ass?" "He got a Coke Zero again? Ahh, that Roman! Incorrigible!"
  9. "It was a butter knife. But you know what they say... It's a gateway knife."
  10. "If God wanted him to pass, God would have given him the right answers." "I'm sorry, you've gotta be shitting me, woman."
  11. "No that's my fault. I'm so sorry, Olive. I'm sorry but I messed up. Okay, I just goddamn shit goddamn messed up really goddamn shit bad! Goddamn, shit, goddamn!"
  12. "Not now, Quizno's!"
  13. "The bible...?" "Oh, that's in Bestseller's, right next to Twilight!"
  14. "I was just wondering if there was a minister around. Is it not a minister? A reverend? A wizard?"
  15. "Now honey, after we watch The Bucket List, remember to cross 'Watch The Bucket List' off our bucket list."
  16. "Should I still bring the Sylvia Plath?" No, you know, we could just stick our heads in the oven if we run out of things to talk about."
  17. "She's my best friend." "I thought you guys weren't speaking." "We're not but that doesn't mean she's not my best friend."
  18. "I just have something in my eye. Like a twig, or a branch, or a contact..." "I didn't know you wore contacts." "I don't, which is why I was tearing up."
  19. "If I promise not to tell anyone, could I kiss you right now?"
  20. "I borrowed my neighbors mower; I came right over." "That almost rhymed!" "I know. I spent a minute on it!"