Things I Love About Girl Meets World

I almost didn't watch this show, but I'm so very glad I did.
  1. Literally any scene between Maya and Shawn.
    In season 2, when they're at the store buying new clothes for Maya, and his face just lights up when she walks out, feeling comfortable and happy in her new outfit, I almost lost it. "I like taking care of somebody besides me." It's nice to see Shawn's growth.
  2. The fact that they kept a similar layout.
    Every episode features a lesson, taught by the one and only Cory Matthews. It always has to do with what's going on in his daughter's life, similar to Feeny.
  3. FEENY.
    Mr. Feeny shows up. Multiple times. They even go back to his house to dig up their time capsule.
  4. Auggie.
    Cory's youngest child is so GOSH DARN CUTE.
  5. And we move on to Eric's appearance.
    He's portrayed just a little too dumb for my liking, but he's still Eric. He's still wonderful. Also when TJ shows up and helps him run for office... Are you joking?
  6. Farkle fucking Minkus.
    You guys. Minkus has a son. And his name is Farkle. And he's best friends with Cory's daughter. I mean, COME ON.
  7. Cory's younger brother.
    Did anybody make it through the episode of Cory's brother's birth without sobbing? It's really nice to see that he's alive and well. And BEAUTIFUL. And I can't wait for him and Maya to fall in love.
  8. And how about the other cutie?
    It's nice to see a group of friends with mixed genders. Yes, there's a bit of a love interest type thing with Riley, but it's handled in an interesting mature way. Lucas is a sweetheart.
  9. Cory and Topanga are still Cory and Topanga.
    But more importantly, Cory and Shawn are still Cory and Shawn.