1. Walking into a candy store with my best friend.
    We're both each other's motivators in this eating clean and working out thing we're doing, but I am so incredibly relieved to have a best friend who is not ashamed to love chocolate and pig out once in a while and not feel like she completely failed herself by doing so. We were like puppies at a dog park, running around and trying all different types of candy and it was amazing.
  2. Realizing he's too immature for me.
    Sad in the moment, because of the time I've already invested in someone that I'm not even sure I have any sort of relationship with, but happy in the long-run, I think. I guess I'll know for sure at a later date. I guess a sub-item for this part of the list could be "Finally having a good cry."
  3. Giving myself a great manicure.
    Honestly, this is probably the greatest feat. I always, always, ALWAYS mess it up within hours but all of the introspective thinking and sad realizations involved in number 2 gave my nails plenty of time to dry.