1. I've been dying my hair some sort of red since I was about 15.
  2. That's 7 years of layers upon layers of different types of red hair dye.
  3. Some were all-natural henna that my mom ordered from some website.
  4. Some were cheap boxed dyes that I bought at Rite-Aid.
  5. Most recently I've been using "professional" dyes that I buy at Sally's.
  6. So I'm now trying to get rid of the red because my next hair adventure is this:
  7. And I plan on getting it done at a salon, but I thought neutralizing my hair color would be helpful.
  8. I'm on the 4th step of attempting to get back to my natural dirty blonde color and I wish I had never started.
  9. Everything smells and it's taking forever.
  10. But I'm thinking my desired final look will be worth it.
  11. I'm hoping so anyway.
  12. Medium Sandy Gold Wella Color Charm is next and I am both extremely nervous and very uncaring about the result.
  13. I'm glad I at least have an entire day off to waste on this.
  14. As I always say, it's just hair.