1. The English Language.
    For some reason, when I'm typing it and reading it, I don't realize how truly ugly it sounds. I'm used to Polish and other Slavic and Romance languages which are really incomparable.
  2. I Can't Sleep.
    When I got home around 3pm yesterday, I was falling asleep in front of the TV for HOURS. I went to bed around 10, and now, here at 5am, I am wide awake. Thanks, jet lag.
    Granted, I won't be doing that for a few days since I'm staying at my parents house until Thursday, but still. The idea alone exhausts me.
  4. Political News Everywhere.
    I just can't bear to watch it anymore. Honestly it pisses me off to my core and I miss just watching comedy at breakfast and the olympics at night without any breaking news interruptions about our corrupted government.
  5. No More Dinners by Grandma.
    There's just something so different and special about food my family in Poland makes and even though all I've had since we landed was pizza, I already miss it.
  6. I Miss My Family.
    This one is the most important and most heartbreaking and will be bringing me to tears for days. I. Miss. This.