1. Owning a boat
    Boats are so cool
  2. Having an event where the napkins are personalized to say your name
    A wedding doesn't count because the napkins probably say the spouses name too and this is a success that cannot be shared
  3. Knowing every word to "rap god" by eminem
  4. Reserving a bottle of wine at a restaurant
    I did not even know that was a thing until the other day!
  5. Chipping your nail while you are still at the nail place so it can still be fixed, resentfully
  6. High class prescription drug addictions
  7. Knowing the difference between a cappuccino and a latte
    This is really confusing to me
  8. Having a time scheduled to "respond to emails"
    Either you have a lot of emails or a lot of free time, both measures of success
  9. A book shelf full of books organized in a way only the person who organized it would understand
  10. A really great new haircut!
  11. Having something that everyone has, but buying it on sale
  12. always have enough socks
    Suggested by @hammer