Thoughts after living in a basement in New Orleans for a semester
  1. Bugs everywhere
  2. Low ceilings
    I could touch the ceiling and I am 5'2
  3. The bunny
    The bugs liked its poop it was so gross POOR BUNNY
  4. A spot in the hallway where there was a hole where you could literally see dirt from the outside
    You could also probably touch it if you were so inclined
  5. The man living on my couch
    "There is a man on your couch" -my landlord once
  6. I put out cockroach huts to collect and kill the cockroaches and two of them disappeared
    All of my roommates swore they did not move them. A spooky mystery but also I never asked the man on the couch so maybe he felt like cleaning something but that is even a spookier solution.
  7. The frat boys who lived above us and would skate board and scream "YEAH" randomly and also maybe constantly move their furniture or throw kitchen appliances/ bowling balls to the floor.
    Also once they listened to "wanna be" 6x in a row
  8. The fridge would flood on the inside?
  9. A strange substance we found in the kitchen
    Probably toxic mold and we are all going to die
  10. Crazy people who make weird pictures and light them on fire
    Suggested by @annasway
  11. Drug dealing happening in house
    Suggested by @annasway