1. Thinking a satirical piece of literature is true journalism
    Especially if you put a link on any form of social media with an outraged comment
  2. Sending a mean text about a person to that person
    Re: most of my fights in middle school
  3. Binge watching a tv show first and then talking about it in front of people who binge watch at a more socially appropriate rate
    Sublist at 2/5 of my roommates
  4. Gossiping about someone's pet
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    That dog is objectively cute!
  5. Dating a friends sibling
  6. Dating a friends parent
    I've never seen this happen but I assume it's unforgivable
  7. Saying "I mean it's not what I would have done" when you are clearly being needy and want validation for your weird actions
  8. Instagraming someone else's dessert/food and pretending you ate it but you didn't
  9. Not having cake at a party because of some diet
  10. Seeing someone's recent Google searches and judging them
    Don't invade their safe space!
  11. Bailing last minute on plans
  12. Showing up early to lecture and taking an end seat.
    Professor gets to pick out the degenerates that are late for class when you ask 15 people to stand up and get to an open seat.
    Suggested by @kevinhannigan
  13. Subtly showing your date the bill that you are paying for
    Suggested by @rafaella1217