Coming from a person who did none of these yesterday.
  1. Set an alarm
    Waking up late can cause tensions to rise (and not in the good way).
  2. Remember your ID
    I mean, you need it to get through security. Sleep beside it if you have to.
  3. Know what time your flight is
    When your flight ends up being 30 mins earlier while already late, this is not good for nerves.
  4. Leave enough time during layovers to go to the bathroom AND eat
    This can reduce the risk of hanger later on. (Hunger + anger = NO)
  5. Make sure all of the appliances you bring with work.
    Or you could end up buying the latest Demi Lovato album with nothing to listen to it on.
  6. Don't watch vines with your sister while your mom is asleep
    You say you won't laugh, but you do. Mom can't sleep. Tempers fly.
  7. Always know your dog will happily greet you after this difficult day
    If you don't have a dog, get one.