I like the obscure stuff
  1. "I have like a thousand follow up questions." - @lenadunham in SNL's Scandal sketch
    It's freakin hilarious. Her delivery is so earnest and makes me proud to be a fellow millennial. I like to quote it inappropriately in meetings or snarkly via work gchat to my work BFF.
  2. "This is as good as it's gonna get." -Maya in Princess Diaries
    Maya says this as she checks out her outfit in the mirror before school. Maya had terrible self esteem that was solved when she found out Julie Andrews was her gma and after Mandy Moore was mean to her. Uh and after that bad kiss with Brink! I like to say it to myself when I know my outfit looks a little to college intern for female in her late 20s working at a "fashion" company.
  3. "Time to get my Real Simple on." -Ann Perkins, Parks & Rec
    Best day of the month!
  4. "Is butter a carb?" -Regina George, Mean Girls
    This one is famous but it is not famous enough for my boss' boss' boss to catch the reference and laugh hysterically when I said it to him with perfect delivery. He was on a no-carb diet. Someone opened a bottle of wine at work. My boss' boss' boss asked if wine had carbs. I asked him if butter was a carb. He did not laugh.
  5. "I put the screw in the tuna." -Kel, Kenan and Kel
    Classic, amirite? Uses are endless.
  6. Deals, Deals, Deals -Ilana's work, Broad City
    I do not work at the place the Broad City girls based this company on, but I do work at a competitor that fancies itself a "luxury discount ecommerce retailer and lifestyle platform". For awhile, I would quote this at work. Maybe in a snarky way but not in a bad way of you didn't know the show. Then my boss started quoting me quoting Broad City. I felt like I had to tell her the genesis of the quote.
  7. "I pulled that look!" -Olivia Palermo, The City
    Usually in the context of,"I don't mean to be braggy but I pulled that look." I'll say this when I feel like someone is taking credit for something I did. Did I mention I am a millennial?
  8. "A lady never slides." -Julie Andrews, The Princess Diaries
    Julie Andrews (or at least her character) says a lady should not slide into a car. So I make all my friends get in cabs first. Then I get in like the lady Julie Andrews wants me to be.