@claireh @daftscience this one's for u, and it got wordy real quick
  1. Bea's Knees (hallmark version)
    Beatrice is an orthopedic surgeon returning to her Midwestern hometown after several years in the big city. She's moving home after a broken engagement (to a bozo who didn't appreciate her). Bea is going to be the team doc for a minor league sports team with a great hometown fanbase, and the coach is a foxy single guy that she had an unrequited crush in high school. Romance ensues.
  2. Bea's knees (lifetime version): Bea is an avid runner with a college scholarship and a cute jock BF and, unbeknownst to her, an obsessed stalker.
    In an attempt to get rid of her boyfriend the stalker tampers with his brakes; in a twist of fate, Bea borrows the car and suffers a devastating injury that ends her running dreams and leads to the end of her relationship. Stalker inserts himself into her life and she starts to fall for him until her astute friend figures out what happened that fateful night. Stalker flips and Bea must literally run for her life on her newly healed knees. She obvs survives.
  3. Cat's Pajamas (hallmark version)
    Rom com set in the late 90s/early 00s starring Cat, a quirky but lovable seamstress whose custom pajama line rockets to fame after being featured on Oprah's favorite things. She meets competitor designer who finds her naïveté charming. Romance ensues.
  4. Cat's Pajamas (lifetime version)
    Cat is kidnapped as a small child and the case went cold. The only piece of evidence: a small torn piece of her pajamas stuck in her childhood bedroom windowsill. As an adult she returns to her hometown because she feels an inexplicable draw to the town. She is the town's new librarian, helping a plucky student investigate an old cold case and comes across a crime scene photo that turns her world upside down...now she must rethink her entire childhood.