Week 4, night 2
  1. Vinny confronts Izzy
    Poor vin, you seem sweet and normal ... Do we think all their sclerae are just so white, or is that part of abc post production?
  2. Jade+Tanner, paradise's golden couple
    Waiting in the wings for just the right bummer of a moment to cheer up the crowd
  3. Jade and tanner: puzzled by Evan and Carly, worried about Grant and Lace, don't buy Josh's bs, have a genuine interaction with Nick and Jen, charmed by Caila and Jared, barely feign interest in Ashley's whining
    And the date card goes to: Jared and Caila
  4. Tanner: Josh doth protest too much
    Me: true dat
  5. Ashley stop fucking wallowing
  6. Nick and Jen all this mature talk is boorring
  7. Jeez we get it, Jared and Caila are adorable
    Enough already
  8. Evan good with the words, not so much with the swag
    Although apparently enough swag to resurrect Carly's 'lady boner' 🙄💀💀
  9. Ashley stahhhppp already
    You do realize Jared will later watch this and be upset about how you're acting
  10. Jared: uncomfortable but sorta pleased that Ashley and Caila are bout to throw down over him
  11. Teasers lookin hella dramatic
    Ugh Josh is the grossest
  12. This ep was too short