Sorry guys
  1. It goes backwards. I don't like getting pieces of info in 20 year increments. And who wants to see the future before the backstory? Not I.
  2. It's set in space. So I'm working with a mis-numbered, backwards plot that makes me wait decades for another piece of the puzzle, in SPACE?
  3. The movies are incorrectly numbered. Really- who starts a series on #4?
  4. I don't understand the drama concerning princesses, robots, storm troopers and different Darths. I get it, Luke is sensitive and conflicted and once they film Star Wars 28 set in 1993, he'll befriend Nirvana and move to Seattle.
  5. I don't like Star Wars because of its legion of storm troopers, collecting Anakin Vader pez dispensaries and their shared passion for light sabers. I just can't. I will never fit in with the mainstream because my mind won't wrap around the Star Wars dream.