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Currently majoring in getting a quick nap in anywhere at anytime
  1. The floor of my bedroom
    More common than it needs to be. If I nap in my bed I will never leave
  2. A couch in the student center
    A lot shame but overall nice napping couch
  3. Floor of the library behind the cabinet of microfiches
    Finals week, nuff said
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When you realize your wildly underprepared for all your midterms and you start to lose it
  1. Eat
    Nothing says brain food like shitty dining hall burgers and microwaveable mac and cheese
  2. Drink coffee
    4 different cups before 5 pm. The on campus Starbucks employees know me by name and order. They probably know me better than my parents do...
  3. Call my mom
    Because nothing instills more happiness in a mother then when her daughter calls her hurriedly between library and bathroom runs
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Eternal thank you to @justjills and @amieshmamie
  1. When the package comes and its bigger than your HEAD
  2. And you fumble around in your messy swamp of a room trying to find a scissors
  3. Only to stumble upon your fav candies and inhale them before continuing
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She's my best friend but it's a miracle she's still in college
  1. The flannel she wanted to wear was dirty and she couldn't be seen in anything else
  2. The ladder broke off from her lofted bed and instead of trying to get down just went back to sleep
    "It was a bad omen" -direct quote
  3. Her hair was too thick to fit in scrunchie
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I don't really know what to say but I know it's easier because you do t know me. Throwing this list out into the abyss.
  1. My name is Mary.
  2. I am 20 years old
  3. I was born and raised in Southern California
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Sorry for not responding to the email things got crAzy
  1. Chapstick
    Cold Nebraska weather is coming in full force pretty soon
  2. Snacks
    I like anything chocolate, popcorn, and cheese. You basic toddler and/or college kid food
  3. Highlighters
    Midterms season is upon us.
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  1. 1.
    Chick-Fil-A sauce
    The eponymous sauce of the company and also the sauce I want to surround my coffin when I die.
  2. 2.
    Completely irreverent other sauces i.e.: Polynesian that I don't feel the need to arranged numerically due to their mediocrity
  3. 3.
    Ranch is the reason other countries hate us. It is the ejaculate of Satan.
If the App Store tracked the download and delete pattern on my phone they would send me to therapy
  1. When I'm belligerently drunk
    (And all my friends are hooking up with other people at the bar)
  2. When I'm still moderately drunk
  3. Slightly tipsy
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Much to my mothers dismay, I am chronically single.
  1. "Another person I know is engaged. How crazy is that like we are only 20 years old!"
    "Well Mary, If you opened yourself up and would allow someone inside your little world maybe..."
  2. "Maybe what, mom? I have little to no desire to be engaged right now. I'm busy staying on the deans list and working and studying for the MCAT. Remember all of those great things I'm trying to do with my life"
    "I'm just saying it wouldn't kill you to go on a few dates everyone once in a while"
  3. "Mom I spend 97% of my time working and studying, something you find VERY important I might add, and the other 3% I spend sleeping"
    "Aren't there any cute boys you can study with and go on dates with?"
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Because I'm alone in the first apartment I pay rent for and I'm drinking wine I stole from my roommate in a red solo cup. Very College or very pathetic?
  1. I'm a 20 year old college student who actively likes school.
    I like school so much I'm willing to dedicate the next 10-15 of my life to it #plsletmeintomedschool #doctorsprobabalydontusehastags
  2. I am a female who doesn't enjoy shopping
    Maybe the fat, ugly, middle schooler in me will always haunt me and my shopping habits.
  3. I'm almost 20 and I've never been out on a real date.
    Literally typing this had me in tears. Rationally I shouldn't validate my self worth based on who wants to take me to dinner but god damn does this make me weird or pathetic?
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