a conversation with my mom

Much to my mothers dismay, I am chronically single.
  1. "Another person I know is engaged. How crazy is that like we are only 20 years old!"
    "Well Mary, If you opened yourself up and would allow someone inside your little world maybe..."
  2. "Maybe what, mom? I have little to no desire to be engaged right now. I'm busy staying on the deans list and working and studying for the MCAT. Remember all of those great things I'm trying to do with my life"
    "I'm just saying it wouldn't kill you to go on a few dates everyone once in a while"
  3. "Mom I spend 97% of my time working and studying, something you find VERY important I might add, and the other 3% I spend sleeping"
    "Aren't there any cute boys you can study with and go on dates with?"
  4. "It's college in 2016, That's not how dating works anymore. Everyone just sleeps with everyone until you find someone you want to sleep with multiple times and only after you've slept with them a couple of times does something really escalate into dating but only if your mutually feeling the need to sleep with each other multiple times"
    "....this makes no sense"
  5. "Also my major is like 75% women so my exposure kind of plummets..."
  6. Mom: FINE WHATEVER, I guess I'll never have any grandchildren and I'll have to explain to everyone I know that my daughter is a spinster but don't worry because she's really fulfilled by her job.
    (My mom forgetting she has 2 other children, and that there's nothing wrong with the latter situation)
  7. Prologue: usually my mom is really cool and supportive and awesome but when it comes to dating she is petrified I will end up like my aunt, her sister, who is 55, unmarried, childless and the family black sheep.
  8. Also, she sent me to A very progressive all-girls high school which stunted me socially around most if not all men so really it's her fault.
    JK, my years of future therapy will probably delve into that situation later.
  9. Oh the joys of being a daughter!