Non-school related things I did today

When you realize your wildly underprepared for all your midterms and you start to lose it
  1. Eat
    Nothing says brain food like shitty dining hall burgers and microwaveable mac and cheese
  2. Drink coffee
    4 different cups before 5 pm. The on campus Starbucks employees know me by name and order. They probably know me better than my parents do...
  3. Call my mom
    Because nothing instills more happiness in a mother then when her daughter calls her hurriedly between library and bathroom runs
  4. Literally nothing else besides, class, work, and studying
  5. Do you have any study tips besides the traditional "eat well, sleep enough, exercise" bc we both know that shit ain't happening.
  6. But this time next week I'll be packing to go home so FUCK YOU MIDTERMS