As a west coaster suddenly transplanted to the strange ways of the midwest, I have a couple opinions on the males that fill my university.
  1. Clean cut
    Sharp haircut, perfectly groomed, polo shirts and own more dress shoes than I own. It's honestly concerning walking to an 8am and a male is more put together than I am.
  2. Wants to move back to their home state (most likely the Midwest)
    The one piece of advice my little California mother gave me about the Midwest was "never date a boy from Iowa. They seem nice but you will live in Iowa forever."
  3. Strongly opinionated about Greek life
    Either they are in one and hate another Frat or didn't get a bid and hate the Greek like system. Most guys on this campus have a strong opinion on the Greek system.
  4. Listen to very heavy rap music
    Upper middle class kids love blaring rap out of the BMW their parents got them.
  5. Think they are way hotter than they Are
    I visited my friends that go to school in San Deigo and let me just say: a Creighton 10 is a San Deigo 4. This inflated Midwest system fuels their egoism.
  6. Overall, well raised men.
    This one is the biggest kicker. There may be the occasional fuck boy but all of these kids are smart, highly educated and well raised individuals . (Who pretend to be tough)
  7. Don't want to date me
    HEYYO, now you understand the point of this list. If you can't join em, beat em. (I don't think I'm using that expression correctly)