I don't know them or there name but I see them constantly. (And also want to have their children)
  1. KFC spine guy
    Always always always see him walking out the gym or posted up at a study table on the spine. Good with eye contact and I KNOW YOU KNOW WHO I AM SIR! 7/10 datability factor.
  2. Guy from like 3 of my classes but we never speak
    We literally sit next to each other in 3 classes and I only know his name from looking at his diabetes bracelet. Recently saw (stared) at him on basketball courts and has a huge chest tattoo. 4/10 for enigma like qualities.
  3. Anthropology kid who looks like and older version of TJ from recess
    Literally if TJ hit puberty and joined a fraternity. Sharpest hairline of any boy I've ever seen. A second semester senior who shows up to a 111 class. Double points. 2/10 for graduating in 1 week factor *sigh*
  4. Guy my friend took to our sororities formal
    Omg how have I not known about this kid! We were both the only sober ones at our formal (him by choice, me by not). Details I have managed to score from friends: just got out of a year long relationship 😑, fraternity little to my arch nemesis 😑x4, and from Iowa 😑x 10102 (see previous lists). 8/10 because SO NICE AND SO CUTE!
  5. Random freshman that lives in my building
    Very frowned upon as an RA next year but SO CUTE AND YOUNG AND HAS NOT BEEN RUINED BY LIFE YET