Reasons my ex roommate has skipped class

She's my best friend but it's a miracle she's still in college
  1. The flannel she wanted to wear was dirty and she couldn't be seen in anything else
  2. The ladder broke off from her lofted bed and instead of trying to get down just went back to sleep
    "It was a bad omen" -direct quote
  3. Her hair was too thick to fit in scrunchie
  4. There was a dog in the student center and she spent 2 hours petting it
  5. Got distracted watching Gossip Girl and lost track of time
    This happened more than once
  6. She burned the pizza rolls she made for lunch and had to start over
  7. Cried in a professors office hours and couldn't face him again.
  8. Fell asleep naked in bed after a shower
  9. Didn't want to feel rushed before her pre class poop
  10. Pulled an all nighter finishing the assignment for said class and then fell asleep before she could turn it in.
  11. Also, she literally walked out in the middle of a midterm, looked the professor dead in the eye and said "I'll just take the W"
  12. How are we still friends?