I watched a lot of rom coms with my single mom growing up and I think they stunted me socially
  1. Funny friend who is chronically single
    I am chronically the single funny friend and we never get love in the end. Hey Hollywood, the single funny friend needs some love too, looking at you Judy Grier.
  2. Basketball playing group of guy friends
    For the longest time I thought grown men got to together and played basketball at the Y despite not know any adult men who hung out with a group of men.
  3. Manic Pixie Dream Girl
    Ugh all i wanted at 14 was to be as cool as Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown but also where did she get the time to make that entire scrapbook?
  4. They are always really smart/well read/cultured
    No, there's no way a secretary with a dismal love life is well versed in modern art and the capitals of all the European counties. No.
  5. Fun jobs.
    Why does everyone in rom coms have obscure/lucrative jobs that provide plenty of time off while also paying you enough to live alone in 3 bedroom home in Los Angeles.