I still in fact have a concussion and am writing things from a screen (a very Doctor prohibited item while concussed)
  1. You will spiritually relate to vampires
    I crave dark and quiet caves free of people to sleep for long periods of times. If someone suggested a coffin would heal my bruised melon brain quicker i would sleep in it to.
  2. It's very hard to do absolutely nothing
    I am a very type A college student taking 18 credits and working 20+ hours a week and for the doctor to tell me I cannot do anything (class, work,study,Netflix) for a whole week I kind of lost it. We are on day 3 and I already slipped out of dark exile to go to anatomy lecture.
  3. There is a screen everywhere.
    Not only is my phone actually attached to my body at all times but my university has television screens everywhere that fry and torture my potato brain into fits of hurt
  4. People assume you are intoxicated
    High or drunk people are constantly asking if I am high at noon on a Tuesday. The answer is no, I just have some slight brain bruising. In fact the health aides that first examined me thought that I was drunk and told me to "sleep it off" aka #1 rule for killing a person with a concussion
  5. Everything will give you a headache
    Thinking you can write this list, thinking you can sit under fluorescent lights while attempting to pay attention in anatomy lecture, folding laundry, taking to someone for too long. You name it I will probably get a headache from doing it
  6. A total reality check
    As much of a freak out I had when my doctor told me no class or work for a week it was desperate reality check. I have been pushing my body to the Limits these last 2 semesters and this brain bruise is teaching me an important lesson of health. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING matters as much as your health does.
  7. Do I really wanna go to medical school?
    Who knew a brain bruise has a side effect of existential life crisis?