Currently majoring in getting a quick nap in anywhere at anytime
  1. The floor of my bedroom
    More common than it needs to be. If I nap in my bed I will never leave
  2. A couch in the student center
    A lot shame but overall nice napping couch
  3. Floor of the library behind the cabinet of microfiches
    Finals week, nuff said
  4. On a chair in the corner of the cadaver lab
    I needed to close my eyes for 15 minutes before pulling an all nighter to study
  5. The grass on the lawn
    Hey the weather was nice and I only got a little sunburned
  6. Fell asleep resting on the wall next to the Starbucks line
    This was after pulling an all nighter and going to class all day
  7. On a random guys futon at a pregame
    My version of pregaming a party, pregamming with sleep
  8. Honestly I'm probably slightly narcoleptic and need better sleep habits
    But let's be real, it's junior year I won't sleep till it ends