When your li.st care package makes your LIFE

Eternal thank you to @justjills and @amieshmamie
  1. When the package comes and its bigger than your HEAD
  2. And you fumble around in your messy swamp of a room trying to find a scissors
  3. Only to stumble upon your fav candies and inhale them before continuing
  4. Speaking of snacks....come holla at me in the library next week studying for midterms bc girl has SO MANY SNACKS
  5. Ok hallway through gotta send another thank you
  6. And you encounter enough study items to make you cry
    Also she sprung for colored note cards. Reason 4839 that li.st is the best
  7. Hang on I need to take a minute to let the new colored pen high wave over me
    Can you tell I'm a school supply nerd?
  8. And then we stumble upon the behemoth of them all....the grand finale
  9. When she reads your list about breakfast foods and sends you THIS
  10. And so you give it a lovely new home on your nightstand
  12. Thank you to @amieshmamie who coordinated this whole thing. It made my life