Don't tell me that you don't serenade your dog all the time.
  1. "New Phone, Who Dis?" – Sam Dresden feat. Lindsay on You're the Worst
    Sometimes my dog is a stage-five clinger, and sometimes she's like "New phone, who dis?" I also enjoy singing this song with the words changed to "New dog, who dis?"
  2. "All of the Lights" – Kanye West
    Change the lyrics to "All of the snacks," and this song becomes the anthem of filling a Kong with dog treats.
  3. "Free Falling" – Tom Petty
    I like to list all the people and things that my dog loves in exchange for the real lyrics. My dog loves this song.
  4. "Panda" – Desiigner
    Atlanta dog owners, simply change the lyrics of the chorus to "I got dogs in Atlanta," and you've got yourself a new song to add to your repertoire.