Will there ever be another genre so perfect as the 90s romcom?
  1. Curl Up and Dye is a very dark name for a salon
    But I honestly never want to go to one that ISNT named this
  2. I think it would've been ideal to be a 30-something in the nineties
  3. They're planning on going backpacking for their honeymoon
    Nothing sounds worse than this.
  4. I love this movie so much
  5. Richard Gere's car just broke down cause he didn't know it took unleaded gasoline.
  6. He is now telling Maggie what she wants in an effort to point out that she should decide for herself what she wants ....................................
    The ultimate mansplaining
  7. Did you guys read that article comparing Jennifer Lawrence's current fame to Julia Roberts and Leonardo Dicaprio's respective heights of fame?
  8. It was cute how he said into his reporting recorder "I'm getting married"
  9. The movie just ended and I legitimately don't know Richard Gere's character's name