Ranked from best to worst
  1. The five girls I lived with when I was 18
    We all became best friends very quickly, though we only barely keep in touch now.
  2. Two of the girls I lived with when I was 19
    We also became great friends, but I don't think I can still consider us friends as I don't even have a way to contact either of them. This is one of my regrets.
  3. The girls from the house of 2013
    They were nice and we got along. We were sort of friends, but never close.
  4. The sisters I lived with summer of 2011
    I got along super well with one of the sisters. I never saw the other sister. They would fight a lot in their bedroom. They owed me $100 when we moved out and never paid me back.
  5. The other two girls I lived with in that apartment at 19
    They were annoying at the time and one of them had a horrible boyfriend/fiancé, but compared to all the roommates still to come they were wonderful.
  6. The 18 year old I lived with the summer I turned 20
    I felt a lot older than her. She was a college freshman and I was already jaded by the world. I woke up every morning when she got ready for work at 5 am. We got along, but never became close. We only lived together for about two and a half months.
  7. The girl who I met once and stole from me as she was moving out
    I moved in to the apartment and she was already living there, but none of my roommates or I ever saw her until the day she moved out. That day she also stole a lot of stuff from us.
  8. The various roommates of the summer of 2012
    I moved into this apartment and was immediately informed of all the drama that had taken place in it over the last year. Throughout the summer people kept moving in and out so I was never sure who was actually living there. I never got to know any of them really well, but I watched the Sarah Jessica Parker movie, I Don't Know How She Does It with one of them and she thought it was dumb. Another one of them ended up being my roommate again a few years later.
  9. The three girls I lived with during the winter of 2012
    They were nice, but very dirty. They had a lot of parties, which I didn't love because I was working every morning at 6 am. I never really got to know them.
  10. The girl who would cuddle with her fiancé in our hallway in the dark right in front of my bedroom door
    I never understood why they sat in front of my door. They were a very emotional couple. I would try to navigate around them, but it was hard in the dark and I would usually bump into them. They always got mad at me for that. I would go into my room and had to turn up my music so I couldn't hear them right outside my door. They invited me to their wedding by slipping the invitation under my door while I was in my room.
  11. The girl who lived in that house only for the summer
    She was mean and never talked to me. When she moved out she stole a bunch of boxes of my stuff and was very annoyed when I made her return them. She only returned one box.
  12. The roommate who never paid bills
    She was going through some stuff, so I never blamed her, but we did keep getting our utilities turned off because she didn't pay the bills. We always got along, but she also was perfectly happy to talk bad about me with our other roommate when they thought I couldn't hear.
  13. The most dramatic girl I've ever known
    I lived with her for 8 months and knew immediately that playing the victim was her thing. I tried to be nice until she started talking bad about me to our other roommate. Then I tried to ignore her mostly, but she was openly hostile towards me and it was hard. Living with her was a huge lesson in dealing with manipulative people that I'm glad I learned.
  14. Current roommates
    There are always a thousand people at my apartment, which makes it both very loud and very messy. It's currently Saturday morning and they've woken me up, so I'm writing this list.