Mortal and otherwise alike
  1. Eric northman
    Pure sex in a vampire body
  2. Lafayette
    Loved it when he called people hooker and when he dated Jesus
  3. Andy Bellflower
    From a stand up cop to a loving father Andy was a great guy through and through
  4. Jason stackhouse
    Jason developed from a selfish pig to a prophet to a racist to a well rounded generous man
  5. Terry bellflower
    We first met him as a paranoid Iraq victim and grew to love him as a father. You will always be missed
  6. Sam merlot
    He's boring but he's faithful and he's got a great dad bod
  7. Alcide
    We all love his chiseled abs... I don't even know what his face looks like
  8. Hoyt
    Always a good friend and devoted son
  9. Bill Compton
    The only time I liked bill was when it was a flashback to him human life as a father
  10. Warlow
    Ok dude there are plenty of other fish in the sea you should not obsess over one girl since the beginning of time
  11. Mr. Stackhouse
    Tried to murder his daughter so yeah he's pretty much at the bottom of the list