5 Android Apps I'm Enjoying

I hope these apps bring more joy to your digital life!
  1. The List App is finally available for Android! Lists are a lot of fun and I use them on a daily basis for various purposes. It's so cool to see what people are sharing in this format. Lists as a service FTW!
  2. Blendle
    If you love high quality journalism make sure you get this app. It uses a pay per view model, a few cents for each of the top notch articles curated by the Blendle team. A small fee as I've come to realize. Not happy? No problem, get a refund in no time and move on to the next article!
  3. Enki
    A programmer's best friend on your Android phone. Each day you choose a subject: JavaScript, CSS, Java, Linux or Git (More to come!) and Enki shows you 5 bits of useful information, typically features, best practices, tips..And did I mention you can also unlock fun games by doing the workouts? Because you certainly can!
  4. Roger
    The walkie-talkie of the 21st century is here. Roger is a fun way to get in touch with friends and family. It's super easy to use and highly addictive!
  5. Readly
    Rekindle your love for magazines. Instead of paying for individual issues and stick to the same old songs, why not use a subscription based service that allows you to read countless magazines and explore what's out there? 7.99£ aka you won't have to rob a bank.