Because @carlsaganlives told me I need to up my list game and I don't want to think about the patriarchy, which is the subject of my paper
  1. Colored in my adult coloring book to "center" myself
    It works. Plus, the drawings are going to be Christmas presents, so it's not a complete waste of time.
  2. Write this list
    Self explanatory
  3. Clean my room/ take a long time to get ready/ do my laundry.
    I guess essential?
  4. Gone to see one good and one bad movie
    Good- pride and prejudice and zombies. Bad- Lost river
  5. Gone out to dinner
    Expensive, but good.
  6. Overthought all my relationships
    Trying not to do this, but boys are confusing.
  7. Discussed large floods and ski relationships
    Good convo, actually.
  8. Listened to one direction
  9. Thought about my talent as an actor and weather I'll ever make it.
    Also, self explanatory
  10. Made some sugar cookies
    Good time- also talked about what it means to fall in love here.
  11. Gone on a nice walk after a kiss.
    Very good time.
  12. Been sad
    Life does it sometimes. Also relationships.
  13. Worried about my finals and grades
    Also self explanatory.
  14. Worked on my finals
  15. I know there are more, but this is good for now. Maybe this list will expand? Who knows.